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Construction Equipment

Concrete Cleaning Ball

We manufacture our Concrete Clean-out Balls from Natural Rubber which makes them completely Eco-friendly. With a variety of different diameters and densities, our larger sponge balls are used for cleaning cement pumping systems, waste handling systems, oil drilling/pumping systems and other various types of cleaning processes for piping or tubing.  We can also customize the diameter and density to match your exact requirement.

Salient Features:

  • Available in 50 mm to 200 mm in diameter

  • Available in hardness: Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Firm

  • 100% Eco Friendly

  • Abrasive surface for better cleaning


Mobile Lighting Tower

We offer one of the most reliable, cost-effective, and versatile Mobile Lighting Towers in India. We offer our Customers the ability to customize the Mobile Lighting Tower are per their exact needs. We offer variations in options of Mast height, Lamp type, and Generator set rating. All our Mobile Lighting Towers are trailer based and can be hitched to any appropriate vehicle for movement.  

Salient Features:

  • Trailer Mounted

  • Powered by Diesel Gen-set

  • Available with LED or Metal Halide Lamps

  • Available with 6 m, 9 m, and 12 m in mast height

  • Available with 5 kVA, 7.5 kVA, and 10 kVA DG set

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