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Condenser Cleaning Equipment


Vulcan Online Condenser Cleaning System (VOCCSYS®) is a top performing Condenser Tube cleaning system that uses specialized sponge rubber balls injected into the Condenser system. This injection of sponge balls through the exchanger tubes prevents any builds-up of scaling and / or biofouling. After each passage, the balls are retrieved and pumped back to the Condenser inlets. VOCCSYS is fully automatic PLC based system.

Salient Features:

  • Fully Automatic

  • No Shutdown, No Chemicals, No Labor Costs

  • Up to 20% Energy Savings in HVAC Chillers

  • Up to 5% increase in Power Output in Power Plant

  • Decrease excess Steam Consumption on Power Plant

  • Increase Heat Transfer and Lower Carbon Footprint


Condenser Cleaning Ball

Vulcan Condenser Cleaning Balls are produced using specific formula and a quality controlled, top of the line manufacturing process. Specific designs enable us to produce balls to match every need of our customers while maintaining abrasive resistance and durability of our balls. We produce Condenser Cleaning Balls customized to our Customers’ exact needs, where we can produce balls in any and all combinations of specification.

Salient Features:

  • Available in Standard, Ring Coated, and Full Coated

  • Sizes Range from 14 mm to 32 mm in diameter

  • Hardness ranges from Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Firm

  • Low Temperature (80 C), High Temperature (140 C)

  • For Fresh water and Sea water use

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